Things You Dont Know About Devil Fruit | One Piece


Marshal D Teach is the one and only known devil fruit user that have two devil fruit up his arsenal. He doing that by doing some kind of mystery ritual and took the power from a dead devil fruit user. This baffled all aver reader also all character in one piece because stated that this is impossible. He currently have the Yami yami no mi the power of darkness and Gura Gura no mi the power of thunder. As being one of the rare category of devil fruit Pell the Falcon said that its at least 5 known devil fruit user that can take flight ie flying. For example as himself using the power of Tori Tori No Mi falcon to fly. Although there are one technique that non-devil fruit user like sanji has mastered in ordered to fly or float in the air named Sky Walk.

Although there are many devil fruit user some of them hasnt been name yet or at least for now. this is including Eustass Kid that have the power of magnet, Jewelry Bonney that have the power of Youth(not aging), X Drake that have the power of shape shift into dinosaur T rex, Marco that have the power of phoenix regeneration, and others. This leads to a fan made named on this unnamed devil fruit.

In the episode three of this anime. Morgan stated that there are power in one piece world that can turn people into fire and people can make a massive tsunami. Turns out this power belongs to devil fruit user Portgas D Ace using Mera Mera No Mi (fire) and Whitebeard Gura Gura No Mi respectively, And coincidentally both of this user is a Whitebeards pirate and both died at the same war in MarineFort war.

Whenever the writer of this anime wants to includes a devil fruit user into the anime filler, the writer must consult with ist author Oda for confirming. This just simply a yes or no question for Oda, staying that so Oda can choose whether this devil fruit will be in fillers or Oda would want them in the future.

About Trafalgar Law and Smoker | One Piece


These are the several things you dont know about Trafalgar law.

Though in the anime,  Trafalgar Law One Piece didn’t associates with any kind of animal as the first eleven of supernovas, Monkey D Luffy  until now address Law as ‘Torao’ slightly sounds as Tora which mean ‘Tiger’ in Japanese.  Law birthday is October 6 and its shared birthday with Tashigi the captain in G5 Navy Team. He is the youngest shichibukai at the age of 26 until his title of shicibukai has been revoked. His wanted poster ironically same with luffy since Bepo appeared in same stance as Usop with luffy wanted Poster. According to some Japanese fan poll, law is the 10th most popular in one piece making him the most popular in the supernovas excluded luffy and zoro.  Law Character song in one piece anime is called ‘Dr. Heart Stealer’. This is very ironic because Law was the pirate who captured 100′s of pirate heart and handed it to the government as a prize and became shicibukai since then until revoked.

These are the several thing you dont know about Smoker

Smoker is the first Logia-type devil fruit user that been introduce in the series. And he is also the first marine that possess a devil fruit power in the series. Some Japanese fan poll indicated that Smoker is the 20th most popular character in one piece. Smoker birthday is on march 14, the ‘white day’ as the Japanese said and is very coincident with smoker white theme color also his devil fruit white smoke. before the time-skipped, luffy been cornered by smoker three times but saved by his relative and ally Dragon, Ace and Hancock, very similar with how Garp always cornered Roger but still manage to escape. In the Japanese anime, Smoker One Piece was originaly sound by Ginzo Matsuo, but prior to his death, smoker voiced over by Mahito Ova the narrator in thee series picked up from episode 94.